Books for Sale from our Library

The Printery has related book collections and we are at a point in our life where we’ve decided it is time to downsize our collections. Below you’ll find links to PDF files that list available books by category. We’ll be updating these lists as required and will indicate an updated list is in place when that happens.

You may see an entry appear on more than one list. That’s because some books fit rather neatly into more than one category. It does not mean we have more than one copy of the title. When we do have a duplicate copy, that fact is indicated on the list entry.

These books from our library would appeal to typographers, printers, and book collectors with varying interests. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis and will be shipped after payment is received. We cannot accept credit cards, but will accept checks or PayPal. We typically ship via USPS Priority Mail, so the shipping cost will vary, depending on the size of the box necessary and insurance, if desired. We’ll certainly work with you to use the shipping method you prefer and will try to keep your costs for shipping as low as possible. If you are interested in any of these publications, have any questions, or would like any further information about any of these books, please send an email to

By the way, we have borrowed very heavily, so to speak, from other sources for the brief description at the beginning of some entries below, just in case some of you may not be familiar with that designer/printer/engraver.


Printing History Antiquarian items

In addition to our antiquarian books, see entries for a couple of leaf books that are still available and some individual leaves, both loose and framed. We think you’ll find the framed leaves from DeBry and from the Nuremberg Chronicle would be a gorgeous addition to your decor, whether in the library, print shop, or main part of your home. At the end of the list, you’ll find a few rather unique items related to printing history. As we post this information there are 46 entries on the printing history antiquarian list, 42 of which are still available.

Click here for the Printing History Antiquarian listing

Benjamin Franklin Antiquarian Items

Benjamin Franklin is a particular favorite of ours, for lots of reasons, including his incredible impact on printing and how it affected our country, not to mention the world. In this listing you’ll find books by him and about him, as well as a few other Franklin-related items. Of the 30 entries on the Franklin antiquarian list, 23 are still available.

Click here for the Franklin  listing